We woke to SNOW. A lot of it. We had to shovel a path for Roma to get outside, but soon enough she was leaping and hoping in the huge mounds. She simply LOVES the snow.



Conditions were as drastic as they said. We got about 28 inches in total, and were plowed in most of the weekend. Luckily we didn’t have any where to go. So we shoveled as much as week could and then hunkered down for some quality time with Apple TV… and All the things. (Shoveling is HARD work).

Chocolate Croissants
Yes, the snow was that high on our deck. Ekk.

We used the time inside to catch up on some Oscar nominations… This time of the year is MY absolute favorite for movies. We are in good shape to get most watched before they give out the gold man!

The-Big-Short-movie-2015-New-Poster Room spotlight

We also finally saw Everest; just in case you weren’t afraid of the snow… you will be. Intense.


Even Roma enjoyed catching up on the films and snuggling to keep warm!




And because, what blizzard is complete without hot coco?!

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