Life Lately…

Happy Hump Day! 

If you are on the East Coast I hope the snow around you is melting and you have been able to log some miles!

There has just been to much snow around me, but hoping that changes this week!

Seriously this is too much!

My Monday commute looked like this:

Fun, right? Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.

ehh… Needless to say I was pushed to hit the Treadmill for some recovery miles.

At least I got to rock shorts and tank!

I was also able to get a kettlebell, full-body work out in too!

Not much more progress on Tuesday, so I crosstrained on the spin bike and focused on some core work early morning, before heading to my PT appointment at lunch.

It was my first session since my initial evaluation and I was looking forward to it! After my deep tissue on Friday my hips were finally feeling loose, but still so much tightness in hamstring, glute, and quad.


After some intense stretching, we spent time working using the Graston Technique. (If you’ve never had it and have tightness in any of these areas, I highly recommend!!!). I saw the same PT over the summer for issues with my left knee/IT brand and these really helped, so we are hoping that he can work some magic on my sciatica nerve pain. He worked on a lot of the surrounding areas to try and target my pain points. It hurt SO GOOD (John was on to something here). We also incorporated movement into it to help trigger point and exercises.

Graston Technique Tools.
Graston Technique Tools.

… I think I’ll be swore tomorrow!

I was able to end the day with an amazing practice on the mat with Adam at Enso Yoga; my favorite part of Tuesday. Do you ever feel that a practice is made for you? It was filled with tones of hip strengthening and stretching — a solid theme for the overall day!

Nameste. #yogaeverydamnday


Have you ever been to PT? Best part of treatment?

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