Friyay Faves

Happy Friyay!

1. Today my team Oiselle release the elite running kit and it is everything.


Seriously Kara Goucher is my spirit animal. She is so fierce. #fangirlstatus

2. Music to my ears….  Welcome back Bey, and why did Gywneth and Chris break up?  Coldplay and Beyonce pair up for this beauty “Hymn for the Weekend.” Gorgeous song and video. On repeat… His voice is magical. Can’t wait for the SuperBowl Half Time Show.

This will put you in the perfect vibes for the weekend.


3. Yes Please! 

Currently reading Amy Poehler’s first memoir… still a ways togo, while not as funny as I expected the girl can write.


Have you read this? Thoughts?

4. Cinnamon Bun Oreos….. WHAT?????????????????  #GetInMyBelly

Oreo will release a new cinnamon bun flavor
Found this pups at Target. Expect a detailed review soon. NOM NOM.

5. My Valentine’s Addiction…


I may have or may not have purchased WAY too many red and pink items at Target, but Valentine’s Day makes me SOOO HAPPY ❤ I know it’s just a Hallmark Holiday, but I’ve always loved it since I was a kid. And now, I’m extra lucky as I get to celebrate our wedding anniversary around the same time.

This will be one of many trips to this gorgeous isle in preparation for ALL THE THINGS.


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