Weekly Recap + Miles

imageWoke up Wednesday with every intention to get in my tempo run before the sun, but due to Graston the day before I was insanely sore. So I slept in… With the pup and hubs! All intentions went into making it a ridiculously amazing day.

Luckily after a few hours and all the drinks… Aka Green Smoothie + Green Tea + Water… I felt ready to go, and had time before all the meetings in the afternoon.



Ya’ll know I’m obsessed with this vest.

Not as fast as I would have liked to see, but considering all of the ice patches and snow, I’ll take it. Followed by upper body strengthening… Because #strongisthenewskinny

Ended the day with dinner with the family at Outback. Go and eat the Salted, Carmel cookie dessert… Words cannot describe.


Crosstrained and crushed a HIIT workout from the Tone It Up girls. I always end up doing my own thing, but I’m also always looking for new ideas on things to incorporate.

My morning workout went something like this:




Started with 25 minute crosstraining warm-up, and followed it with some static core work. FTW.


Planned a long run, but opted to cut my run short due to the lingering black ice with the freezing temps. But it felt great to run early. And bonus: ended my run in flurries ❄️☺️ Happy Friyay! Indeed. Also got in some PT stretches and core work.

When I arrived at my office, I got the sweetest surprise on my door. Runner Girl stickers! Obviously the people I work with know me well.

After an extremely busy week, I couldn’t wait to get home and relax with…. All the wine. Also, finally saw “Steve Jobs.” Not the greatest film, but very interesting documentation of Job’s life. If you are an Apple fan, or interested in their story. I recommend. I teach Visual Literacy and know the story of the “Steve’s” well, so it was awesome to see it. Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet were awesome!


Happy Friyay! What’s on your agenda? Who’s running in the snow?




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