Life Lately…



Hello… February

February is one of my favorite months…  All things pink and red are available including delicious treats LIKE THIS!!!! And we get to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Spoiler Alert: I love Valentine’s Day, and will post too many things about it over the coming days.

January Miles: 100. 

Lower than I would have liked to see, but taking it easy as I work on my sciatica nerve pain. And still on point for my #RunLoveChallenge to finish 150 miles by February 14! ❤


That time where you get mistaken for a student… Pretty perfect way to start the week. Jenny 1 , Monday 0. Boom.

Workout: Afternoon

40 minutes Spinning — intervals

Back strengthening: Low Row, Lat pulldown, Bent over row, and Back extension

Core work: Plank/Side Plank, tricep push-ups, pikes, and lounges x3

Chiropractor in the evening… more on that later


Workout: AM
Goal: Warm-up | 5x800s in 3:22 w/ 400m rest | cool-down
Actual: Warm-up 1 Mile | 5 x 800s @6:39 (3:20) w/ 400m easy hog @8:19 | Cool-down 1.25 miles
Total: 5.5 miles

Woke up with all intentions to get my workout in outside, but I nearly fell just getting to my car, so I had to think fast and pushed it to the treadmill. Not my favorite solution, but I can’t change an injury.

I’m gearing up for a 5K, since I can’t run too much distance while in recovery. This workout was a killer, and my first time doing 800s in a while. I recovered with all the coffee and all the meetings (I wish I was joking).


What a difference a few hours make…

Workout: PM

2-Mile recover run … OUTSIDE; it ended up being a gorgeous day so had to embrace it.
Full body workout and core.

Spent the evening with the most inspiring women in my field, at a Women of Communication’s event. #WomanUp2016 is totally the theme of my life right now.


Got this view heading out of Philly. Just what I needed after a 15-hour day, and two-a-day.  Love this city!


Is it the longest week ever, or is it just me?



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