Friyay Faves

  1. This video of Kara Goucher’s journey to the 2016 Olympic Trails. 


Raw emotion, real hope.

I dare you to watch this video and not cry. Kara, continues to inspire and amaze me.

2. Speaking of the Olympic Trails, Oiselle did a breakdown by the numbers of the 18 members participating this year. Check it out! Can’t wait to cheer on my fellow birds.


3. Yaktrax 

Tis the season…  With the amount of snow we’ve had these past few weeks, it’s time to invest in Yaktrax. Many runners out there have been using for years, so I’m slow in checking these out. But for anyone that has to deal with snow-covered roads this is a create alternative to the DEADMILL!


4. Valentine’s Day Donuts!

My love for donuts and Valentine’s Day combined in the most heavenly combination. The Brown batter is to die for…


5. Peloton Classes On-Demand 



I’ve been addicted to these classes lately. If you have access to a spin bike I highly recommend checking them out. And Robin Arzon is the QUEEN. You will not regret it.

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