Weekly Recap + Miles


Motivated after watching my girl Kara in this.

Though it is only Wednesday, and it’s a LONG, LONG week.

Wednesday started with a full, PT session. I was very swore, and am getting frustrated with not seeing improvements yet.


After a 4.5 mile active recovery progression run I did a full round of stretches and stability work, including squats, deadlifts, bridges, and planks.

Thursday was an intense day to make up for an upcoming rest day this weekend.

AM: 30 minutes Peloton Spin session with Robin Arzon + Leg Strengthening #allthesweat

Lunch-time grind: Active recovery + upper-body strengthening and core

Hammer curls: 20 reps w/ 8lbs, 16 reps w/10lbs….  (ladder)
Overhead triceps: 20 reps w/ 15 lbs, 16 reps w/ 20 lbs… (ladder)
Single, handed hammer curls: same as above
tricep pulldown: 2x 17.5 and 2x 22.5

1 minute plank, 30 second side plank + 10 second leg lifts on each side
10 tricep push-ups
12 pike-ups
20 walking lunges

PM: Barre, so hard.


Friday, I woke up to the most beautiful snow falling. I was tempted to sleep in, but I’m so thankful I did. It was absolutely gorgeous.


Is this even real life? There is serenity in the snow.

To end Friyay…. we celebrated with all the things!

A chickpea burger + sweet potato fries with cinnamon, maple sauce.


Who’s running long this weekend? 

Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl? I’m excited to see who wins — I’m leaning towards the Panthers, and can’t wait for the Coldplay halftime show! 

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