Let’s catch up…

Y’all know my obsession of Valentine’s Day… And donuts, so this is basically the greatest thing. Thank you Go… I mean Dunkin.


Saturday was filled with work events… But there was donuts! And it ended with a double, sushi date in Collingswood (my first time)! 🍣

Sunday… Runday!

View of the Philly skyline from the bridge on the Camden, NJ side. 

Spent the morning running through the streets of my gorgeous city, Philadelphia. Literally ran all over – Society Hill to Penns Landing, over the Ben Franklin Bridge (my first time, a killer hill workout, but worth it for the view) through Center City all the way along the Schuykill River.

It was too much fun, and the best part? Running with a fellow Oiselle Voleè Bird, Samantha! She’s my upcoming partner for Bryn Mawr Running Company’s Feel the Love 5K! It was our first run together since the Philly Marathon! So glad we made it happen! She’s training to BQ at the Buffalo Marathon this spring! So stoked for her!


The best way to end a perfect Sunday Runday? Brunch… Of course, with all the beverages? Is this a runner thing. I always wind up with at least three beverages post run!

Veggie Egg Skilley @ National Mechanics, Old City 

After a long shower I spent some time strength training (Oiselle’s Dirty Dozen) and leg work before Super Bowl shenanigans, which involved all-the-eats!

The game wasn’t as good as I had hoped, and I was rooting for Carolina… Gags did slay and Coldplay made me smile.

We did watch the Puppy Bowl for a bit — lets just say Roma was cheering hard for Team Fluff!


Monday started with PT at 6 AM, followed by a 15-hour workday, not that’s not a typo. More on that later.



Another snow storm came in late Monday night, which meant 5-recovery miles on the deadmill (too much of that lately!) along with arm strengthening.


The snow was coming down all day, so needed extra motivation to get to the mat. It was indulging in Mama’s homemade chicken soup and Vanderpump Rules. Perfection.


Mmm Mmm good!

How’s your week going?! Did you enjoy the super bowl? Did you watch for the commercials or game?

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