Monday Motivation.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


After watching such inspiring athletic performances this past Saturday in LA at the US Marathon Olympic Trails, I felt it only right to celebrate them today! I’ve been feeling extra emotional since watching the finish and post race interviews.

How can you watch THIS and not feel ALL the feels.

The women’s race was fierce and intense all the way through mile 26. It took everything out of them… and team work rose above, which makes me even more honored and proud to be a member of the Oiselle Flock.

Oiselle had 18 Haute Volee´ members qualify. 17 participated and 13 finished. Read a full recap, with photos, here.

The race split quickly and there was a tight women lead pack until about half way, as the lead back began to get smaller and smaller. It was a close one for awhile, but Shalane Flanagan and Amy Hastings Cragg were in sync to finish together on pace, watching Des Linden and Kara Goucher stick with that pack was inspiring. Eventually Shalane slid back and Des caught up coming in second with Shalane in third and Kara in forth. Raw emotions for each of these woman overcame me.

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