Valentine’s Weekend Celebrations

Our wedding anniversary is February 15, so we always celebrate LOVE over Valentine’s weekend.

This year we started with lunch with my mother, and then a couple’s massage, at our favorite spa! It was heavenly. One of the best parts of the massage is what comes after — peace and relaxation in the Brine Light Therapy Room (plus the most amazing chocolate chip cookies).

We also decide to make it a movie date night! We saw Zoolander 2 + ate all the pizza (his & hers). (romantic, right?) The movie is funny and worth seeing if you are a diehard Zoolander fan, but I’d wait till it hits HBO.

Saturday we spent the morning playing with our pup and watching the U.S. Olympic Trails before I heading out in the bitter cold and negative degree wind chills to run the Feel the Love 5K, but Bryn Mawr Running Company with my Oiselle Volee teammate!

Watching these athletes was so incredibly inspiring, words cannot describe.


We both bad plans to to PR (and we did, but not as good as we would have liked). The winds were fierce and made the 1.5 loop course extremely challenging. We still had solid times considering and finished first female-female duo. Afterwards we celebrated with beer (too cold) and warm eats!

Team Pink and Black, aka “Bird Machine.” Our post-race pic was taken in the car since it was just too cold to be outside anymore. After a quick change we still wore pink and black to the after-party at McFaddens!

Neto Chocolatier Truffles. 

This year we decided to stay “in” for Valentine’s Day, which we used to do before we were married. We always consider it a selfish day, and perfect time to stay in, cozy up and enjoy each other’s company. I splurged on some Valentine’s Day Treats from Williams-Sonoma so that we still had some fun things to look forward to!

We started with a breakfast of donuts… because my husband gets me, and we spent the day… Netflix and Chill. At -7 degrees, staying inside was truly the best option.

Dunkin Donuts, Brownie Batter Donut (yes, please). Williams-Sonoma Heart Collection plates.

We even made homemade surf and turf and had this gorgeous cake to celebrate one of our most memorable Valentine’s Day that we truly made our own! 

Buttercream icing + Chocolate cake [Take the Cake Bakery, William-Sonoma].

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?
Have you ever raced in 35 MPH wind chills? How’d it effect your time?

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