Friyay Faves.

1. Last weekend we spend some quality time with Netflix… and became obsessed with Narcos. It’s a mini series (10 episodes) that chronicles the life of Pablo Escobar and the rise of the cocaine. It shows real footage of Escobar. It’s unreal the way the story unfolds, but also extremely captivating.


2. Oiselle’s Heads Up Wings Out hoodie is everything I’d thought it would be and MORE. The color is gorgeous and it’s beyond comfy. Let’s just say I didn’t take it off for awhile once I got it. (Thank you fellow bird, Sam for sharing the wealth).

Oiselle Full Zip Running Hoodie + Flow Tights (and puppy paws!)

3. Straight Outta Compton.

Have you seen it? I know I’m late to the game, but why was this not nominated for as Oscar? Such a compelling story of N.W.A, and the hip hop culture that changed music.



4. I stumbled upon this article in Self Magazine, and HAD to share. Does your pup Doga? I can’t believe this is a thing… but I’m pretty sure Ro would slay some Doga moves.


5.  Wild and crazy tights… With so much cold weather, sometime you need motivation to get our the door. And sometimes that motivation is in your gear. Colorful, fun tights make me smile, and have been working for getting me in to swing during early morning wake-up calls!

image image

Both are from last season… which means deals on deals. Nike running tights similar, here.

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