Weekly Recap + Miles


Snow flurries started bright and early so  opted for a treadmill run at lunch with upper body strengthening!

It was our third wedding anniversary! It was so nice to celebrate all weekend with my love, and we had big plans to go to dinner, but Mother Nature had other plans for us. By 5 p.m. the roads were covered with ice, as it had snowed all day and then turned to rain in freezing temps. So we had a low-key dinner at our favorite brick-oven pizza, Ariano, place nearby!

Arancini, Ariano, Media. Pa

Then we did gift! The traditional anniversary gift for year three is leather. So not a ton of options, but you can imagine our surprise when we realized we literally got each other the SAME things!!! (Great minds).

We have been talking about a trip to Portland — funny enough we both bought each other luggage tags with a theme of “Portlandia” a television show set in Portland. Needless to say we will be heading there this summer. And we both took the leather glove route, along with some extra goodies!


Elliptical for 40 minutes + Full Body Workout

One of my final PT appointments in the evening, that included Graston and lots of stability work, including the ladder, which is basically adult hop scotch (much harder than it looks!)



AM: Early morning, easy-paced miles to start the day! It was 30 degrees and it felt like spring! After having to run on the treadmill more times then I’d like to admit it was awesome to run outside!


PM: I was supposed to have a lunch meeting that got canceled so opted for a quick lunchtime grind!

2-mile warm-up
20 minutes of Tone it Up HIIT Intervals (high knees, jump squats, wall sits, push-ups, jump switches, and mountain climbers) 30seconds – 1 minute 3x; 10 second rest
Back Strengthening
– Seated Row (Weight increasing/Reps decreasing)
– Lat Pull Downs (Weight increasing/Reps decreasing)
– Bent over row (Weight increasing/Reps decreasing)
– 3x


We celebrated our anniversary with my family and this gorgeous Red Velvet cake.



With a day full of meetings through the night, I wanted to get my sweat on early. I wanted to run, but I was still swore from my PT session so I opted for the bike.

Spinning: 40 minutes of internals = ALL THE SWEAT.




AM: I had all intentions of getting outside for a tempo run, but couldn’t bare to bundle for temperatures in the teens again. (I thought it was supposed to be warmer). So took my tempo to the deadmill for 6 miles.

1.5 Warm-Up 8:45
3 Mile-Tempe (8:00, 7:57, 7:45)
1.5 Cooldown 8:20

Followed by planks and stretching

PM: I was looking forward to getting to the gym early afternoon to work on my PT exercises since I was dealing with a lot of pain this week since my last session.

20 minute warm-up (elliptical 1 mile, treadmill 1 mile)
20 minutes Tone It Up Total Body
20 minute stability and strengthening for my hamstring
– Ladder workout (something like this image) – 5 minutes
– Single leg deadlifts (1olbs) (10x each side, 3x)
– Side planks with leg lifts (30 seconds each side)
– Squats + Single leg Squats (10x each side, 3x)
– Single leg bridge on medicine ball (10x each side, 2x)


…. TGIF, I’m tired.

Looking forward to WARMER temps this weekend (finally). Hoping to run in 40 degree temps tomorrow morning! What are you running plans?

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