Life Essentials: Sherry & Budino

I woke up to the most amazing surprise Saturday — 44 degree temps! #OptOutside.

10 glorious miles in Ridley Creek State Park; happy to have some speed to start, but took it easy to round at an 8:30 pace. Loved the fresh air! Followed it with some PT stretches and the Oiselle Dirty Dozen. #flystyle on point

Ro’s version of spring cleaning!

Spent the rest of the day cleaning — I guess that’s the first true sign of spring for me! Celebrated with a new butterscotch latte from Starbucks (do yourself a favor and GO get one ASAP)!


We then headed out to the city with my main squeeze to celebrate our third wedding anniversary, which was postponed due to the ice storm on Monday.

We had early reservations, which was perfect for watching the sunset. We went to one of our favorite, spots a cozy mediterranean restaurant in Center City, Barbuzzo.

They have tons of small plates, so it’s one of my favorites because I love to try a bunch of things1 Who can settle for one meal?

We started with pan-seared Brussel sprouts and short rib and pork meatballs, and then had a gnocchi dish with truffle butter, and the Uovo pizza, which is TO DIE FOR.

Followed by the most amazing dessert, a budino, and sherry; the life essentials. It was one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time. And it was the absolute perfect date night.

Sherry + Salted Caramel Budino (w/ dark chocolate crust, vanilla bean caramel, and sea salt)

We ended our date night at home, watching Trumbo, a story about Dalton Trumbo, played by Bryan Cranston, who is a screenwriter and a member of the Communist Party in the U.S. He is one of 10 screenwriters that gets put on trail, sentenced to jail, and then blacklisted. You may know him as the writer of “Roman Holiday,” “The Brave One,” and “Spartacus.” The first two, which won the Academy Award for “Best Picture” were written under a fake name. It’s an interesting story.

We were blessed with spring-like temps again on Sunday, so after a pancake breakfast we took Roma to the park for a two-mile walk, she loved every second.


Afterward, the rain set in, and we made our way to the movie theatre to catch Deadpool. I was warned it was raunchy, but very entertaining. It was a different take on a comic book super hero movie, but I appreciate what they did. And who doesn’t like Ryan Reynolds? I laughed a lot more than expected and was unfazed by some of the crude jokes. If you are looking for a night out with your dude, and like to laugh — definitely give it a go! It’s a popcorn move.

We ended our Sunday with a family dinner. A surprisingly, unplanned, but perfect weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you get spring-like temperatures?

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