Friyay Faves.

Happy Friyay y’all! So thankful for a break in the rain we’ve been having all week and ready to see some sunshine. Bring on the weekend.

1. I’ve recently become obsessed with Maybelline products, I’m not sure why… Maybe she’s born with it (yes, you can giggle, lol.)  One of my latest obsessions is the Vivid Matte Liquid. It goes on like a gloss, but dries like a matte and provides lasting color. I went with “Nude Flesh” on my first purchase, because I figure even if I didn’t love it I could get use of a basic color. It has become my permanent at work lip shade. It makes my lips feel so soft and doesn’t come of one everything that touches my lips. I can’t wait to try some of the more fun, bold colors (Possessed Plum, anyone). $7.99 per tube.

image image

2. I mentioned that for our third anniversary my husband and I both got each other some of the same EXACT things… meant to be I guess. Granted we were working with leather so no many options, but the gloves couldn’t have come at a better time. The Elma Women’s Touchscreen Nappa Leather gloves are gorgeous. I love the color (sand), and the cashmere material inside are so darn comfy! I don’t even want to take them off. Bonus they come in lots of fun colors, too!


3. Smoked Butterscotch.
Need I say more? Starbucks recently launched a smoked butterscotch latte that is filled with all things, delicious. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, but not too powerful. If you are a fan of butterscotch….. it’s a must have. Remember these lattes can be filled with empty calories, so watch your milk choice and serving size — unless you are using it as a treat!

4. Today is #NationalWearTheGibblersDay

As seen on

When: February 26, 2016
What: Wear your Pro Compression Multicolor stripe sock, AKA, #TheGibblers
Why: Because we can, we want to, and the interwebs said so
Why II: Because Andrea is a runner, and loves the community just as much as you and me
Why III: Because this trailer is the best. Hola Tannerinos!

Disclosure: Photos is from the summer, but they are my #Gibblers
Disclosure: Photos is from the summer, but they are my #Gibblers

5. The Oiselle Factory Store Sale! EEKK!!!! I snatched up some Lesley tights, and these gorgeous KC Knickers, can’t wait to rock these this spring!!!! (Planning for warmer temps!)


Description from Oiselle:
Sleek, ultra-flattering workout capri meets modern geometric print. Wing waistband dips and hugs in all the right places. Back hip zip pocket is large enough to tote anything from your house key to an iPhone 6.

– 85% poly/15% lycra
– below knee compression capri
– signature wing waistband without drawstring
– rear zip pocket
– machine wash + dry / best to line dry
– 15″ inseam (size 4)

You must be a member to get the Factory deals, but new patterns are available, here.

Have a happy weekend!!! xo

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