Monday Motivation.


Sometimes you just need a little reminder. A sweet friend sent this to me over the weekend and it was just the extra motivation I needed to hear as my PT wraps up with not huge progress in solving my injuries.

“Never Give Up,” this Momentum bracelet reminds me that everything is a work in progress, and we must not give up (no matter what). We must continue to work to the best of our ability so that we know we have it our all I’m everything we do. I know that at this point in my recovery, I’ve been reaching out to all the right places and working my body in the right way to eventually find a solution. While I’ve only had minor relief, that’s better than no relief. It’s important to listen to our bodies and not force when it’s telling you it’s not ready.

This bracelet also signifies the importance of friendship and believing in people. I will always thing of my fellow bird that gave this to me; her energy and support means the world to me and knowing she believes in me helps me focus even more that I need to believe in myself. I’m blessed to have such thoughtful people in my life during this time and am very grateful for my abilities to train and recover. Love you, Erin!

Another motivating fact for today… It’s leap year! February 29, and extra day of life ! Enjoy it! Work, train, do what you love and relish the extra time you have to do so! ☺️💞🙌🏻

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