Weekly Recap + Miles


5 breezy, recovery miles at lunch. Had to fit my run in somewhere, but underestimated the strength of the wind.

It was a meeting filled day, so it was nice to get outside!



Morning miles in motion on the spin bike to start the day, plus some dynamic stretching.

Was able to get back to the gym at lunch for some strength training.

15 minute Warm-up
Leg workout: Ladder + deadlifts + jump squats + side plank, leg raised holds + tricep push-ups + squats, single leg squats + hamstring stretches and single-leg bridges on the stability aka my new hell.
Glide stretches

Needless to say, it was a day when I needed al the coffee. The vanilla, hazelnut latte from Einstein Bagel is my go-to on campus!



Another easy 5 miles with 3 at marathon pace followed by a full body work out from the Tone It Up girls!

Enjoyed running with my momentum bracelet!

Followed by all the flavors. I wasn’t eating to much diary for awhile, so this was a nice indulgent surprise! Oikos ‘Triple Zero’ Greek vanilla yogurt with Kind blueberry and vanilla granola and a banana!



Made it to the gym for strong HIIT workout. Do you ever incorporate HIIT into your training? I used to do it a lot when I started running, and while I don’t do it as much I like to incorporate a few times a month. This cycle included am easy warm up followed by plyometrics and 400 meter sprints for 3 rounds.

[high knees + jump squats + wall sit + push-ups + lunge jumps + mountain climbers]

Be a Beauty, Train like a Beast.

Motivation to get to my upper-body strength training  as well. Worked a routine with triceps, biceps, and shoulders with some core thrown in there.

Needed some post-run fuel, which included this killer salad. Greens are always so refreshing to me after a workout, but I also crave protein so the chicken and hemp seeds were a great addition today.

I also recently discovered these new Chobani crunch packs, do to my rekindled love of yogurt this week, and they make a great late afternoon snacks for long days!

I even made it to another Zumba class… who though I’d go back after we discovered my lack of rhythm last week. I was a dancer all my life…. Running obviously changed me. Dose anyone else feel that way as miles increase?

Hilarious group shot:



Snow day! I’m ready for spring as much as everyone here on the East coast, but there is something beautifully serene about running in the snow. It’s so tranquil. Just me and the snow flakes for 5.5 easy paced (mostly due to the snow) miles with 3 miles at MP. I only had  a short chunk of time, but I felt like I could have ran forever!

Post-run I fueled up with some Special K Protein cereal and berries and bananas — I love getting my fruit fix in all day long! Had to get some carbs in me before heading to a Barre class at Barre Balanced. It’s always such a great workout and burner for the glute and hamstrings, which is what I’ve been focused on this past month!


Recovered with all things peanut butter to make up for missing my fix on national peanut butter day earlier this week. [half almond butter + jelly and half natural peanut butter, Nutella, and banana].

This quote couldn’t be more true. Peanut butter is my love language, and it holds my life together.


I don’t know about you, but this has been an exhausting week I’m ready to catch up on the new season of House of Cards and carb up for a run this weekend! Where are you logging miles? What’s your favorite show to binge?


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