Weekend Recap: Shamrock Edition

As I mentioned on Friday, last week was killer… and I couldn’t wait to curl up on Friday night and start the latest season of House of Cards. Who can resist the power couple of Frank and Claire? And I mean.. can I get her wardrobe?

Needless to say Friday included all the pizza and the beginning of Season 4.

To see the full trailer:

[Note we did not finish and still have a few more episodes to go. No spoilers please!]


Just the motivation I needed to get out for a solo run in the park. I was feeling worn out so, I didn’t want to push to hard but ended up with 8 miles @ 8:10 pace to start the weekend!

“There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul.”

Those trees, their soul. I was glad I got outside!

And bonus it meant I could spend the afternoon with the hubs! We started with brunch at one of our favorite spots (Frankie’s) and then ventured to the mall for some spring shopping — it is spring break for those in college…. I mean, gotta have some fun!

His: (not pictured) Crab Cake Benedict, you heard that right… thing eggs Benedict, but switch the english muffin for Texas toast and the bacon for a crab cake with all the tater tots.

Hers: (pictured below) Banana’s Fosters Waffles, yes you heard that right. It was that or pumpkin cheesecake pancakes. Don’t get me wrong I’m a total egg lover, but sometimes when I’m out I like to splurge on something I wouldn’t make at home. These were perfect, with the right amount of flavor and not too sweet. Two small belgian style waffles topped with bananas flambeed in butter, a carmel syrup and pecans. All the yum!

I did not need to add syrup. 

That afternoon we saw Zootopia, yes as grown adults. And it was the most fun I’ve had at the movies in awhile. I highly recommend! There are some GREAT adult references, even an ode to Walter and Jesse and the overarching theme is on racism; it’s so interesting and entertaining. The characters really take shape!


That night I got roped into watching the UFC fights with the hubs… some big upsets if you follow it. Needless to say Sunday we slept in… and relaxed with the pup. For lunch we went big and opted for our annual indulgence of a Shamrock Shake.

I rarely eat fast food, but every March that green shake of goodness calls my name. Still not sure where those fries came from… umm…  I recently discovered some recipes to mimic the shake with spinach, and I’m very excited to try at home and find a healthier version that will quench my craving!

How was your weekend? Did you binge anything? Do you ever try doppleganger recipes at home? What’s your favorite?

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