Friyay Faves.

1. All things Maybelline. I recently looked in my make-up bag and realized Maybelline was currently the dominate brand, lol. It could have something to do with my options for the Nude palette eye shadows they’ve launched. I have them all – the Nudes, Blush Nudes, and my most recent edition, Rock Nudes. Perfect set of dramatic shades.


2. BubblesPina Fraise. Y’all know I love my bubbles, now I can drink them more often, like during work hours thanks to La Croix.Have you tried this sparking water? If you haven’t I highly recommend. They have so many fun fruity flavors too, which is perfect as these spring temps roll in!


3. Fresh Manicure. In preparation for my up coming birthday, I was able to squeeze in a mani, and while I typically opt for a dark purple shade (Lincoln Park After Dark/Devil’s Advocate), I decided to switch it up today with this taupe color – “You Don’t Know Jacques.” It may be the prettiest mani I’ve had in a while.


4. Homemade Soft Serve. What?!?! I know, I know. I still need to make the ice cream bread, but we hit RECORD hit temps this week… and it has me thinking about all the cool treats. Have you ever tried making homemade soft serve… with a Kitchen Aid mixer?

This recipe looks easy enough;

ice cream

5.14 Essential Outdoor Dining Spots in Philadelphia. This list was shared on a radio show this morning and it got me excited for all things to come this spring, including dining outside. If you are in the Philly area this list from Philly Eater is a MUST; Cheers to the weekend!

Happy Friyay Ya’ll! 


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