Storyteller…Runner… Foodie… Yogi…

… on a mission to live the hell out of this life.

Philadelphia Marathon 2015

In November 2011 I ran my first half marathon. It was a last minute decision with a girlfriend who was running the same mileage as me at that time. As I completed the 13.1 miles, I immediately thought of the runners that were continuing on for another 13.1 in the full marathon and thought that was just simply insane, if not impossible.

Fast forward four years… I crossed the finish line at the November 2015 Philadelphia Marathon in 3:31:59 — a qualifying time for Boston!!!!

I completed my first marathon (the Philadelphia Marathon) in November 2012 — and that was it, I was hooked. What started out as a hobby to see if it was something I could actually accomplish, became my passion. A few years later, and here I am, an ultrarunner, who has completed one 50K, seven marathons, and 10 half-marathons, and above all, a Boston qualifier.

It wasn’t until my third marathon, that I really started getting absorbed into the world of running. I hired a coach, and set out on a goal to improve my speed. I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2014 in 3:43, two minutes under my goal and at that time a 26 minute personal record (PR). I called my coach IMMEDIATELY. And realized that my legs could actually do this — I was in with my whole heart and soul. I was ready to run the WORLD and start the road to Boston.

Clearwater, FL 50K

On my journey I found the sisterhood of Oiselle, and joined the Voleè team in the summer of 2016. These women are my tribe. #HeadsUpWingsOut.

So here I am… better late than ever, please join me on my journey in running the World Major Marathons… and Boston, while seeing this beautiful world, one mile at a time and enjoying EVERY single second.



World Major Marathons

Chicago Marathon: 3:43

Berlin Marathon: 3:40

New York Marathon TBD

Boston Marathon: April 2017

London Marathon TBD

Tokyo Marathon TBD



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