Friyay Faves.

It’s my favorite Friday of the year!!! Friday of March Madness. I’m a NCAA March Madness junkie. This is my Christmas.

1. NCAA March Madness Tournament –
You can watch all of the games from the convenience of your computer, which is helpful for those of you who have to work. I’ll be off to watch the games, and route from my alma mater! Fight, Fight, Fight for the Cherry and the White!

2. Runner’s World Warm-Up Routine

This running warm up is in the latest issue of Runner’s World magazine, and it’s just what everyone needs. I started including more dynamic stretching before runs over a year ago as I began increase speed to prevent injury and it has been a life saver. I fully believe in incorporating these moves to your routines… BEFORE a run.

hip_flexor_0051_sm_2220 (1)

“A recent study reveals that a dynamic warmup routine can help you perform better. Researchers compared how well study participants ran after moving versus sitting. When runners did dynamic stretches, they were able to go almost two and a half minutes longer before they tired out compared to when they sat. The following routine is directly from the study.” – Runner’s World.

Click here for the full warm up!

3. Happy St. Patty’s — For St. Patrick’s Day I made this faux-Shamrock Shake with a recipe from @ChocolateCoveredKatie on IG. (Spoiler: The green is spinach, so it was the perfect healthy breakfast treat!)

4. Easter is around the corner… which mean it’s time to stock up on my all-time-favorite candy….
CADBURY MINI EGGS. Typically I’m a dark chocolate lover, but there is something special about the hard shell and milk chocolate that I can’t resist!



Happy Friyay!!!! Bring on the madness!!!